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New Blog Finds…Are you in my Google Reader?

I’m just loving Google Reader.  Thanks to Becca from Cake for introducing me to it.  It saves me so much time.  All I have to do is click type in the name of the blog in the box above Add a Subscription, hit enter and then it pops up.  I like subscribe and voila!All my blogs that I’m liking at the moment are right there.  They are bold when there is a new post.  So easy!!Here are some…

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The 40-something Fashionista likes her cases

I love me a good looking iPhone case.  Here are some of my favorites…which one is your favorite?
Chevron LOVE!!

Kate Spade GOLD!

Put those Instagram photos to good use!

Pencil Shavings Studio, Kate Spade, Casetagram

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Pumpkins {styled the easy way}

Halloween is just days away and I have a few pumpkins on my front porch that are in the need of some lovin’.  I heart this one (totally my style – sorry little mister…no blood or fangs), but there is no way I could do that initial free hand… 

photo via
So I saw on Country Living’s website this little tip…HELLO carbon paper.  You could use a stencil as well…but this way I can choose any font…

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I went running today along a trail that runs about 15 miles long (No I didn’t run 15 miles…I ran 3.5).  The scenery changes based on where you enter the trail.  Our home backs to one part of the trail that doesn’t have a ton of trees which gives us the feel of open space.  The part of the trail that is close to my office has tons of trees and is so lush.  It was such a refreshing change to run…

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DIY :: Chevron, Gold & Sequins

I’ve been obsessing over gold, sequins and chevron lately.  I especially love the trays that hold trinkets and such.  I’ve seen quite a few on interior design sites just sitting happily on tables and nightstands that I decided I wanted to make one.
I was in Joann’s recently and I saw a small unfinished tray that I wanted to play with.  I wanted the chevron design and I wanted it in GOLD.
So this…

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The 40-something Fashionista is GLAMOROUS

Being a 40-something…there are times when I’m wearing workout gear (the perks of having your own business)…but it’s fashionable workout gear.  My gear of choice is Lululemon for those wondering.  It wears well – lifts where we need a little lift and washes well.
But we CAN get all glammed up.  So this post is dedicated to the glamour, glitz and flouncy flouncy.

Jason Wu


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Tucker’s Outdoor Movie Birthday Party

I’m so excited…today was my first party feature.  To say I’m over the moon is an understatement.  Thank you Kara’s Party Ideas for featuring Tucker’s Birthday.
What do you do when your little mister is turning ELEVEN?  He always loves to have parties at home…we’ve only gotten away twice with having parties outside the house.  I guess thats what happens when your mom owns an event planning…

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Have you heard of SHIMTOKK?  If not – well, you must check them out.  They are the combined forces of SHIM+SONS and TOKKETOK.  One specializing in packaging + paper goods (let me lust now) and the other in Letterpress Stationery.  They’re so crazy creative – it’s INSANE!
Over the summer they offered a packaging 101 class in Portland.  I discovered them right after the class took place….

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Do You Get Distracted?

Happy Monday Everyone!!
As we enter into the work week…do you ever find yourself distracted?  Ha ha – I know that is a pretty funny statement.
You have a massive to-do list and you start working on it and then – uh oh…something distracts you?
There is always an excuse to just answer one more email or take that one phone call, read the latest version of People vs. actually doing something that you were…

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Missoni Goldmine @ Target

I had to do some shopping for the little mister’s outdoor ed camp so we headed to Target.
I hit the Missoni GOLDMINE!!  (Let me say before I go any further…I did go to Target the day of the Missoni launch.  I got there around 3pm and it was completely cleaned out.)
First the San Ramon Target – closest to our abode.  This lovely chevron poof was just sitting all by it’s lonesome on a shelf.  I…

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