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Weekend Round Up {current obsessions}

The little Mister heads to a week of outdoor education camp with the rest of the 5th graders.  Our guy hasn’t been without his Mom or Dad for more than 24 hours.  Last year – the Mister went with him to 4th grade camp which was only 3 days.
He says he isn’t nervous – I think we are more nervous for him.
So to get my mind off obsessing about the fact that I won’t see my baby for a whole week – I thought I…

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Comfort Food that Warms the Heart

Fall is upon us (even though it doesn’t quite feel like that here in the Bay Area) and that means comfort food is on the menu.  I love baked beans.  I love bite size morsels.  These are from Peter Callahan’s new book Bite by Bite, 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party.  I can’t wait to make these.
Wanna see more? Head over to the ROAR blog for more comfort food inspiration.
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12 by 2012

I’m a big goal person and when I say Oh, Hello Friend, I knew that this was something just up my ally.  I’m someone who needs to be held accountable and when you put goals down on paper (in this case on a blog) and other’s can see it – well it pushes me.  Some of these goals are business related, but some are person…and SOME JUST NEED TO GET DONE (no more putting them off!)
So here we go…my 12 goals…

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The 40-something Fashionista…accessorizes

Sometimes the 40-something fashionista has a hard time fitting in some of those fashionable outfits.  SHOCKER I know (insert image of me laughing right now)!
So what is a lady to do?  Accessorize!
Here are some fun finds.  Which do you like best?

The Willow Knot by 31 Bits

Michael Kors Espresso Color Watch

Bright Lights, Big City Kate Spade Bangle

Kate Spade Sparkle…

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{Drab or Fab} Spray Paint & Trash Can = GORG

I have a new blog favorite – Mer Mag.  She is a creative wonder.
As I was flipping through her posts and saying ohhh check that out…ohhh LOVE that, I saw the most amazing trash can.
Yes – you heard correctly!
If your trash can is out in plain view – don’t you want it to look great?  I know I sure do.
We have one of these in the garage…

Does it look familiar?
Well tomorrow – I’m going to Joann’s and…

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Bakerella Does it AGAIN

I think I was one of the first people that rushed out to get Bakerella’s book Cake Pop.
After looking through the book – saying I was a bit overwelmed was an understatement.  I mean – her pops are aMAZing!  A friend of mine came over and we had ourselves a little baking party.  We chose to make the basic pop – which I have to say…turned out extremely tasty.
Well hold on to your britches people…Ms….

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Nest Yourself Down

How would you like to lounge around this comfy beanbag – better known as the NEST?  I can just picture myself with a piping cup of coffee and the latest book I’m reading…The Gospel According to Coco Chanel.

Zilalila makes Nest, which is an XXL cushion, handknitted by the skilled women of a fair trade production unit in Nepal.  If you want one of these babies – you need to order them from The…

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words…a gentle reminder

Words can bring such inspiration.
I have sayings posted all over my office.

They bring me inspiration when I need it most.  They are gentle reminders of the person I want to be.

I was reading the latest issue of O Magazine and Joel McHale was talking about “the best,” the best soup, vacation, etc.  When it got to best advice – he said that someone told him “be nice to everybody,” when someone’s a jerk…

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Weekend Round-up

Eeeek this week has flown by.  Busy week working on some Halloween concepts for a client event.  I just love this tablescape that AndersRuff did.

When I wasn’t working this week…I was dreaming of:
Magical moments that are guaranteed not to be missed with the Minimo-X…
Subway Art Love…Learn how to make your own
Bite size goodness from Peter Callahan Catering…check out his new book here.

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{Looks of the Week} The 40 Something Fashionista

Looking for some fashion inspiration?  Here are some of my fall favorites of the week.  Which do you like best?
The J. Crew Etta Dress looks amazing with or without the belt.  Great for work or just running around town.

This Ann Taylor number is great for work and and after hours cocktails with friends!

Great for casual Fridays or the weekend lunching with your…

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