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Encouragement:: Do I Go Left or Right?

Have you ever watched that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow?  Oh my goodness, you definitely must rent it.  It’s all about what your life would have been like if you had turned left vs. turning right and visa versa.
Have you ever thought, this isn’t the way I thought my life was going to be?  I thought I was going to be doing this or that.
When I was a little girl, I thought…

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Color Crush:: The Peony

I had planned to do the typical color crush that I do every Wednesday, and then something facinating happened.
My sister and I bought my mom some peonies (from Safeway) to brighten up her day while she was in the hospital.  They were the most beautiful hot pink color with a bright yellow center.  These flowers were so gorgeous they catched everyone’s attention.  Some thought there was no way they were…

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What’s In Your Carry-On with Alison Hotchkiss

Today with have Alison Hotchkiss, owner of Alison Events.  I thought it would be fun to have a fellow event planner join our group of savvy travelers.  (Especially since we do travel a ton.)  I’ve been admirer of Alison Events work for a while.  The events they produce are serious stunners.  She just relaunched her website and your jaw will drop when you take a look at her gallery of events….

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Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all are enjoying this long weekend spending time with friends and family.  Today is a day to remember all those who have served and still serving our country.  Cheers to all of you today.

(image credit) 

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Sunday Coffee Sippin’

Happy Sunday – happy long weekend.  I’m still in Arizona, but heading back to the bay area this afternoon.  Kinda excited to hug by guys this afternoon.  I’ve been dreaming of a vacation and I would love to plop myself on that lounge chair in the photo below.

It’s been a crazy few days, but Mom is doing better.  My sister and I were able to sneak away Saturday morning and take a walk.  Oh…

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A Little Magazine Inspiration

I was flipping through some magazines while I was at the dentist the other day and was feeling inspired.  I pulled out my iPhone and took some shots of the magazines.  I’m sure the people in the waiting room though I was nuts for taking pictures of pages.  
The bookcase in the first picture is unique because of all the shelving and the mirror highlighted in the center.  How fun is the second…

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Currently Obsessed No. 3 – Random Musing

My current obsessions:
1) That jcrew dress because it’s just so darling.
2) The Worldmarket metal chairs would make a lovely addition to our dining room.
3) Those Anthropologie plates that I used in my inspired table post – well I loved them so much that I bought them.
4) The Stella & Dot bangles would make a great summer accessory – don’t you think?
5) The jcrew sea grass tote would be perfect for our…

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Encouragement:: Keep the Faith

I wanted to talk to you about Faith today.  Faith.  What does that mean to you?  Some may think religion right off the bat. 
Have you heard saying – “Remember to Keep the Faith”?
When people have said that to me, I didn’t think religion.  To me it meant believe.  Believe in yourself.  Studying for a final exam, practicing for a big competition, trying to…

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Color Crush:: Blush

Blush is such a soft and sweet color.  It’s not quite pink or peach or beige, it’s blush.  A mixture of retro, soft hues, desserts, glamour and the cutest dog I’ve ever seen (other than mine of course).

ROW 1: 1// umbrella 2// retro 3// champagne 4// glamour girl ROW 2: 1// glam couple 2// mazipan cherries ROW 3: 1// frenchie 2// feather clutch 3// vespa…

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What’s In Your Carry-On with Erin Hiemstra

I’m super excited to have Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34 here today chatting about where she would go on her dreamy vacation and what essentials she would have to bring with her.
I first met Erin at the ALT summit where she was leading a roundtable about social media.  Loved her then, love her now.  Savvy – oh yes.  Social Media Maven – you betcha.  Stylist extraordinare (head over to Joyus where…

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