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Fun Fact: A Food Truck Concierge

We all know that food trucks are all the rage all over the US.  In your local cities, you know where to find the best tacos or cupcakes – right?
But what do you do when you’re traveling to a city that you might not be all that familiar with?  Do you wing it and hope to see one of those magical trucks on the street?

Thompson Hotels of NYC is doing something about it.  They have a FOOD TRUCK CONCIERGE…

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Not Your Ordinary Menu

I love printed menus.  It adds that extra little ump to your event.  I’ve been seeing so many unique shapes – which one is your favorite.
This one would be fabulous for a holiday party.

This one is just dripping with elegance.  The round shape and caligraphy just makes a statement.

The gilded hexigon had me at hello.

Caligraphy & Linen – this table just looks so fresh to me.

These two are so…

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There is always a bright side

There is always a bright side.  You choose what you want to focus on and where you want to put your energy.  I’m reading a great book all about creativity right now and came across this quote by Duke Ellington.  It really hit me.

Just think what you can accomplish if you put your energy on positive things.   You could go and start that company, go and get that client that you’ve been wanting, or…

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Gumball Cupcakes

Gumball Cupcakes – yes, that is the title of this post.   These cupcakes are dispensed from an cupcake pod machine (AKA gumball machine).  Pretty unique wouldn’t you say?
Baked by Melissa, a cupcakery out of New York is the mastermind behind Gumball Cupcakes.  The Cupcake Pod Machine stands 6 ft. 6 in. tall and comes with 1000 mini cupcakes.  The costs really doesn’t seem that bad, especially…

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A Unexpected Dose of Inspiration

I drove into San Francisco a couple of days ago for a meeting at the design center.  I’ve been to that area before, but I have to say – I haven’t “experienced” it before.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  Heck – this was just a meeting to discuss a Halloween Party.  I know – random to have it at the design center, but it was convenient for both of us.
I have been feeling this need for a…

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