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Get the Look: A Breakfast Basket

I’m starting a new series – Get the Look.  Basically, I’m finding a picture that inspires me and I’m going to recreate it – just for you.  My first “Get the Look” is this great breakfast basket that I first saw on the Martha Stewart Living website.  Ritzy Bee events actually helped their groom put it together for his bride.
Of course it got me thinking of how this darling breakfast basket…

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Words: Let’s Be Adventurers

Happy Monday friends!  We just came off a fun-filled and relaxing weekend.  The mister and I got away this weekend.  We headed up to Napa while the little mister was away at Winter Camp.  To say that we needed this little getaway was an understatement.  We get so caught up in our everyday lives, we forget that we need to spend quality time with each other.
This weekend also gave me time to…

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Playing with Flowers

I’ve been arranging flowers for the past couple of years and starting to incorporate it into our service offerings to clients.  Normally I head to the flower mart in San Francisco to purchase all the pretty blooms.  This past Friday, I had the itch to create an arrangement, so instead of heading to the city, I headed to the local grocery store.  I purchased 2 bouquets for about $15 total….

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A Unique Breakfast Option

I’m working on some concepts for a breakfast reception for a client and I came across the first picture below.  Just one picture can spark inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.
Imagine the catering staff walking around the reception while the guests network and chat with sponsors.  The goal of this breakfast reception is to introduce the attendees to the various sponsors/exhibitors prior to the…

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happy birthday to me

Today is a big day.  Today is my birthday. I love my birthday.  Always have.  I love to celebrate and lucky for me, I just had lunch with two very dear friends that I’ve known for about 45% of my life (let’s just say over 20 years).  My phone has been beeping off the hook with people writing on my facebook wall to wish me happy birthday – oh the love I’m feeling today.  Thank you all.


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No To Yoga Pants

I’m 9 days in to my button pant challenge and I’ve lost a few pounds. YAY!  I had told myself that I was going to wear button pants 5 days a week and I’ve worn them every day since January 1.  I think I’m going to change my plan.  Button.Pants.Every.Day!

How has it felt?  Well both good and bad if I’m going to be honest.  I told myself that I needed to feel that yucky, uncomfortable…

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This is My Year

Happy Monday!  We’re back at work, getting back into our routine.  And yes, I’m wearing button pants. 🙂
I’ve been really thinking of my new year resolutions.  I want to create more, give back more, connect with people more, grow more, and travel more.  And then I came across this gem that sums everything up so perfectly.

image via

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The Year of the Button Pants

Happy New Year!
We are still on vacation – yes, that’s right.  We made a very conscious decision to take time off this holiday season.  It feels great.  We’ve had time to spend with family and just chill.  But I do have to say, I’m excited to hit the ground running come Monday.
I’m sure so many of you have been thinking about your new years resolutions.  I know I have.  How I want to…

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