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Bottoms Up: Cucumber Mojito

This past weekend, Mr. ROAR and I had the pleasure of staying at the Lodge at Sonoma and attend a RUM tasting.  I know, sounds a bit strange – we were in the Napa Valley and tasting RUM.

The Lodge at Sonoma takes pride in introducing guests to products that are produced locally; unique brands that have a great story behind them.  This night was no different.  It was a Caribbean theme evening featuring Sugar Daddy…

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Press: Simple Ways to Jazz Up Food

The Coupa Inspire Conference that we produced last month offered so many unique twists on serving food.  I’m excited to say that it was even featured on BizBash (10 Surprising and Simple Ideas for Jazzing Up Meetings).

We created fun ways for people to network, make connections and be memorable.

I absolutely love the first concept we created.  The sponsors in Inspire Hall (our showcase area) needed exposure to…

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Inspired By: A Table

I stumbled on this photo today and it made my jaw drop.  It’s just stunning, organic and elegant.  I love how the trees in the wood crates are the centerpieces and each place setting offers a delicate arrangement for the guest.  So simple, yet so impactful.

This is perfect for a rehearsal dinner, wedding or executive dinner.  I would say this table has that “x-factor,” wouldn’t you?

image photographed by Aaron Delesie

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Live Event: One Stop Shop

Today’s post is all about the one-stop shop.  We had a lot of sponsors for the Coupa INSPIRE Conference.  26 to be exact.  With that many, we wanted to create a uniform sponsor showcase area.  Every sponsoring company had a different look and feel – no one was like the next and we didn’t want the room to be a mish mash of color and logos.  All the sponsors had to do was show up with their…

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Live Event: The Little Details

One of my favorite parts of producing events are all the little decor details.  But here at ROAR events, everything needs to have a purpose.  We don’t just do to do.  We don’t spend money to spend money.  
As an example, we created 2 distinct seating vignettes.  There was very little seating in the common space and we wanted to create a area that went with the brand and allowed for…

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We’re Hiring a Summer Intern

ROAR events is looking for a Summer Intern
Do you love planning events?  Don’t mind doing grunt work (because really – that’s the perfect way to learn)?  Are you the type of person who loves to find that perfect restaurant or gift and won’t stop until you do and settling is just not OK in your book.  Have a love for flowers, spreadsheets, social media, creativity and…

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It All Started with a Drawing

Over the next week, I’m going to be showing you all the amazing details from the 2 1/2 day Coupa INSPIRE event we produced a few weeks ago.  It was an unbelievable event and the 6 months of planning really paid off.  
Let me set the stage for this event.  It was branded – INSPIRE.  So everything that we did had to inspire, it had to be different, it had to have that wow factor.  We didn’t…

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Not your Everyday Plasma Stand

The Restoration Hardware catalog packet arrived in the mail today.  I say packet because not one but – four glorious catalogs for small spaces, interiors, special objects and outdoors came. 
I love artist easels and when I came across this photo in one of the catalogs, I thought how cool it would be to use it in a meeting.  It would be a perfect element for any art company like to add to their…

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