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Inspired By: Mix ‘n Match Seating

Lately I’ve loved mix ‘n match seating for all types of events.  There is nothing worse then walking into a space and all you see are a sea of tables or chairs.  There are many instances where you don’t have a choice of set-up.  But when you have the opportunity to mix it up – do.

Ideas for Theater Seating
Try using upholstered chairs and sofas and add in a few end tables.  We did just that for a small group of…

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Branding: The Calling Card

You’ve seen our new website, but before there was a site, we needed the Flosites team to create the logo and with that, new business cards.  Business cards are hard and to be honest, I’m a real stickler about the quality and feel of the paper.  ROAR events is all about making statements and creating experiences and the cards needed to reflect that.  One design just wouldn’t due – so we had two designed instead….

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Branding: Welcome to the New ROAR events

Welcome to the new ROAR events.  Looks a little different doesn’t it?  I have to say, I love it.  It’s been a labor of love.  I first met Ross, owner of Flosites in March of 2013.  We chatted, he understood my vision and officially kicked off the rebranding process in May.  There were many late nights, lots and lots of changes, and Ross and his team were there with me every step of the way offering guidance,…

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