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ROAR loves: No. 2

I’m in Southern California this weekend for a girls weekend. Actually going to Disneyland (with no kids).  We’re going to see the shows that we’ve been wanting to see, but teenage kids don’t think are cool, go on the rides we want to go on and have a little spa time. Should be divine. On the way back, if time permits, I’m hoping to stop in and check out SugarPaper LA. My goal – not to be on social media this…

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Inspired By: A Moody Table & Simple Invites

I’m dying to do an all black tabletop and when I saw this one – well, I was smitten. It makes such a statement – it’s so moody and rich. Paired with these amazing invites from Foiled Invitations (owned by Aerialist Press – the dynamic duo behind my amazing black business cards) and it would be the “go-to” dinner party of the year.

image 1 | 2

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Branding: 6 Laws for Winning Events

Branding – it can be really hard. As I went through the process with our rebrand, what I wanted became more clear. I also had help though. If I were to do it on my own, I wouldn’t have gotten the result that I did. I would have kept getting in my own way. This is why you hire an expert.

When I’m branding events on the other hand – it’s a bit easier. Why you might ask? For starters, when you hire a company to…

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ROAR loves: No. 1

One of my goals for 2014 is to be more consistent with the blog. So to help with that, I made myself a little editorial calendar. Now, I just need to stick with it.  To kick things off, on Friday’s we’re sharing ROAR loves.

What is ROAR loves?  Well, it’s different ideas that I’ve found on the web that can be incorporated into events of course.

Would love to hear if you’ve incorporated anything like this…

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InstaTour: Hotel Healdsburg – A Hip Wine Country Hotel

A couple of weeks ago, I headed up to Healdsburg to check out Hotel Healdsburg.  I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I’d never been to this quaint little town.

To be honest, I was expecting more of a Yountville or St. Helena feel.  Healdsburg is more like Napa or Sonoma but on a smaller scale.  It’s very close to Santa Rosa and right off the freeway.  If you’re coming from San Francisco, it’s not too far….

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Inspired By: A Fun New App

There is a hot new trend for weddings and events.  Do you know what it is?  I’ll tell you – watercolor.  I’ve spotted it on invitations, gift tags (we’re actually having some created for a client right now), menus and more.

I love watercolor and when a friend of mine introduced me to a new app for the iPhone that watercolors your images – I had to check it out.  And let me tell you – it’s addicting.  It called…

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