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Finding a Perfect Venue | A Hotel – Part 1

How do you find that perfect venue for an event?  Trust me, it can be tough.
What is going to be more cost effective?  A venue or a hotel?  Is the cost the number one factor in making the decision or will it be branding, location, creative appeal, and flexibility?  These are all questions that you need to ask yourself if you’re the client.  If you’re the planner, you need to ask the client.
There are so many…

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Life: Are you addicted to busy? I confess – I am

I have a confession – I’m addicted to busy.  I don’t want to be – trust me.  For some reason in my mind, I think if I’m busy, I’m being productive; it makes me successful.

I’m the kind of person who has a hard time being still and I get bored easily.  I like to be moving, to be doing something and I’m laser-focused on the task at hand.  I’ve always been like this for as long as I can remember.  And hey – I…

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Corporate Events: 3 Reasons Why a Site Visit is Mandatory

A few of weeks ago I completed a whirlwind site visit – 12 hotels and 6 venues all in one day.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

You may have a client that says – no, it’s OK, we don’t need to do a site visit. Or there’s no budget or time to fly out and take a look at the venue or hotel. You need to stop them right there. A site visit needs to be mandatory.

If a client is going to be spending tens of thousands,…

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