We are a creative event-marketing agency that believes in innovation, sophistication, and the highest level of service for our clients.

Known in the industry for our attention to detail and infusing creativity into all types of events, our clients know that we will design and execute exceptional experiences for them.

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve worked on all types of events, from large high-tech programs to exclusive intimate soirées. We’ve worked with large corporations such as Yahoo! and PayPal to small start-ups and love to push the creative envelope. It’s a privilege to work with companies that allow us to do that.

Working with ROAR, our clients walk away with excitement and a crazy number of fresh ideas. It doesn’t matter if the event is for an internal team or an external customer; we want each and every event to ignite a buzz that gets everyone talking.

Meet the team

Caryl Lyons

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Scott Lyons

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Chrystie Peelen

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Amy Parker

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Rich Izzi

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Here is the ROAR process

  • 1


    Gather who, what, where, when and why info
  • 2


    Brainstorm ideas and event options
  • 3


    Design the look and feel of the event
  • 4


    Plan all the logistical elements
  • 5


    Produce the event based on the design and the plan

Our services

  • Site Selection

  • Types of Events We Produce

  • Creative Gifting

  • Consulting

  • Event Planning & Design


What for?
This is what we ask all of our clients when we begin working with them on an event. When we challenge their reasoning, we can quickly get to their purpose for having the event and have a clear understanding of the Why.  By understanding the why – we can create magic.

Reason & Purpose
For all the events we produce, there is a reason behind every decision, every flower, and every type of food to every person who is in that room.  We aren’t in the business to do just to do.  We see ourselves as the trendsetters not those being trendy.

Simplicity & Layers
We believe simple is best. It showcases the brand, the client and doesn’t over complicate things. We focus on the top three elements because anything more than that is just noise.  We layer in surprising touches that engage and begin to create those lasting connections.

Live What You Love
We are firm believers in Live What You Love.  So much heart goes into the events that we produce. We’d love to say that nothing goes wrong with events, but that just wouldn’t be reality.  We set ourselves apart because it’s how we handle challenges; we handle them with integrity and grace.

Let’s face it – we absolutely love creating events and experiences.  There is nothing like seeing faces light up when they walk into a room for the first time.