Hotel Review: A Little Getaway to Napa You Don’t Want to Miss

Last week, we headed up to Napa for a little getaway. One thing about being in event industry – it’s hard to getaway and enjoy your self. You’re either doing site visits or working a program. But you don’t always get to enjoy.

Well – we did and we stayed at the fairly new Archer Hotel. It’s been open since November and located right in downtown Napa.

I loved the lobby of this property, it’s subdued during…

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Goals: Which Way is Your Success Ladder Leaning?

We’ve all heard the saying – climbing the ladder to success or climbing the corporate ladder, right?

What does that mean to you? Are you really climbing that ladder?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the:

* Check this off my list
* I have so many meetings
* Life if so busy, I have no time

We work harder and harder to climb that success ladder only to discover it’s leaning against the wrong wall….

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Finding A Perfect Venue | A Venue – Part 2

In part 1 of “How do you find that perfect venue,” we talked about hotels.  Now it’s time to talk about venues.  We are talking specifically about venues for conferences and not for parties or weddings.  Venues are much easier to work with if you are hosting a party vs a conference and that is because they aren’t as complex and are typically one day.
There are so many factors involved with finding the perfect venue…

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Finding a Perfect Venue | A Hotel – Part 1

How do you find that perfect venue for an event?  Trust me, it can be tough.
What is going to be more cost effective?  A venue or a hotel?  Is the cost the number one factor in making the decision or will it be branding, location, creative appeal, and flexibility?  These are all questions that you need to ask yourself if you’re the client.  If you’re the planner, you need to ask the client.
There are so many…

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Life: Are you addicted to busy? I confess – I am

I have a confession – I’m addicted to busy.  I don’t want to be – trust me.  For some reason in my mind, I think if I’m busy, I’m being productive; it makes me successful.

I’m the kind of person who has a hard time being still and I get bored easily.  I like to be moving, to be doing something and I’m laser-focused on the task at hand.  I’ve always been like this for as long as I can remember.  And hey – I…

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Corporate Events: 3 Reasons Why a Site Visit is Mandatory

A few of weeks ago I completed a whirlwind site visit – 12 hotels and 6 venues all in one day.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

You may have a client that says – no, it’s OK, we don’t need to do a site visit. Or there’s no budget or time to fly out and take a look at the venue or hotel. You need to stop them right there. A site visit needs to be mandatory.

If a client is going to be spending tens of thousands,…

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Life: Improving Focus When Your Busy

Picture this – you’re super busy at work, trying to focus and get stuff done, but your mind is so scattered and you want to escape to a little island.  Sound familiar?

For us, last week flew by and honestly, it was a little nuts trying to find a home for an event that is happening in a month.  Yes – you read correctly…in one month.  We were heading down one path and the client decided they wanted us to…

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No. 1 | Inspiration from around the Web

Today is all about inspiration from around the web and I’m the first to admit that I haven’t been the best at blogging.  It’s been very hit and miss, but I’m making a commitment to you to share more.

I thought I’d start off a little light and share some of my favorite finds around the web and also give you a few updates.  But first – I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Ours was pretty quiet which…

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Capacity by ROAR: The Meeting Space Calculator Every Meeting Planner Needs

Can you relate to this scenario?  Your boss tells you registration is going great and have 100 more people coming than they had expected. Mild panic sets in and you ask yourself, “Are we going to fit in the meeting space we’ve contracted?”

They ask what is the max capacity of the room in the current set up.

You do one of three things.
1. Dig around your desk for the hotels capacity chart that they gave…

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Corporate Events: 5 Tips for Booking a Hospitality Suite in Las Vegas

You’re heading to Las Vegas and and you want to host an event in one of those amazing Las Vegas Suites.  Is it as easy as calling reservations or talking to your hotel sales manager to book it?

Not so fast.  There are few things you need to know about suites in Las Vegas.

TIP #1
We all know that Las Vegas is the home of the high roller.  Well, the first question you need to ask your HSM (Hotel Sales…

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