Brownie Oreos & Fun Holiday Packaging

Oreos are my favorite cookie of all time (even more so than Chocolate Chip Cookies).  When I saw the recipe for Brownie Covered Oreos on the Picky Palate blog (I actually think I saw it on Fresh Chick Designs Facebook page first)…it was love at first site and I was destined to make these beauties.

I have to say – they were so easy and I will make them all the time now.

1) Brownie mix of your choice (I used Pillsbury Fudge Brownies)
2) 1 Package of Oreos (we used the regular ones vs. the peppermint that Picky Palate has – I think DoubleStuffed would be really good.)
3) White Gel Writer for the frosting

Directions are so easy:
1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2) Get a cupcake tin and spray the heck out of it with Pam (or your favorite non-stick spray).
3) Dip the Oreo in the batter and flip it around a couple of times to make sure its completely covered with the brownie mix.
4) Place the cookie in one of the cupcake spots (FYI – it does get a little messy).
5) It says to bake about 12-15 minutes.  I baked for 14 minutes.
6) As soon as it’s done – get a plastic knife and go around the edges of each cookie – this way there is no sticking and the cookies come out nicely.

I think I might have used a little too much batter because the recipe said I would use all of the oreos in the package and I had about 5 left over (and I didn’t eat them – they are in the pantry. :))

I figured out that each cookie is about 147 calories.  I do want to try and make this recipe low cal – so you can at least not feel too guilty when you eat 5 or 6. 🙂

Now time for the fun packaging!!!

{Brown Boxes & White Bag ~ Nashville Wraps}
{White Glassline Bag and Red/White Twistie ~ Parcel + Paper}
{Green Ribbon ~ Richards Craft Store}
{Twine ~ The Twinery}

Four cookies fit in the brown boxes and the white bag.  I put a single cookie in the white glassline bag.

Today was super fun.  Tomorrow – I’m going to be NUTS for the Holidays..


Caryl Lyons

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  1. Aimee December 18, 2010, 20:58

    I saw your comment on the Dailey Method facebook page and followed it here. I loved this idea and made the brownie-o's today. I used the double stuffed and they are AMAZING!! Thanks for the great idea. I'm going to bring them to a party tonight. I made them in cupcake wrappers and I'm going to top them with fresh whipped cream. I just know that they'll be a hit.

  2. caryl December 19, 2010, 1:49

    I'm glad that you liked the recipe. Go to the Hey Caryl Facebook page and leave a picture. 🙂

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