Inspired By: Edible Art

We’re completely lusting over these colorful and creative edible art desserts that are a great alternative to everyday cakes and cookies. Here are a few of our favorites; queue the mouth watering….

Unbirthday Bakery is owned by Sydney-based cake maker extraordinaire Nikki Lee and has a strict ‘No Fondant Allowed’ policy. Lee’s happy cake creations can be found on her Instagram {@unbirthdaybakery} or check…

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Trend Spotting: Elegant Agate

We’re currently crushing on these moody natural elements that exude a truly captivating and bohemian effect. This wedding trend has been popping up over the last year and is incorporating some of nature’s most beautiful elements into the theme.

Here are a few of our favorites featuring the gorgeous geodes and agates.

We’re also loving the collected and eclectic look that comes with adding natural elements…

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One Bite Mondays: Halloween Trash Mix

A couple of years ago, we created a Halloween party for one of our corporate clients here in Silicon Valley.  The Silicon Valley culture, especially when it comes to food is very diverse – gluten-free, vegan, meat-lovers, raw, kosher, halal, you name it…we have it.

When creating the menu, we had to keep all of this in mind.  We try to stay away from a sweet smorgasbord. I came across this Halloween Trash…

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Inspired By: A Final Summer Party

School has started.  Fall is around the corner.  Starbucks even came out with their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes early this year.

I’m definitely a summer girl – I love summer and the warm weather so I have to admit, I’m sad that Fall is coming.

I saw this image by Amber Gress Photography and this is what I imagine saying farewell to summer with a few of your best girlfriends would look like.

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One Bite Mondays: Mexican Boats

We are all familiar with lettuce wraps – right?  They are so good.  Here is an alternative that would be perfect for  the meat eater, gluten-free or the vegetarian – Mexican Boats.

I came across these beauties on pinterest and thought they would be a great addition to a reception or a fun element to add to a buffet.  Call your caterer or convention services manager STAT – these will be a sure fire hit.


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One Bite Mondays: Food Flights

My go-to caterer in Chicago, Entertaining Company has done it again.  This time – food flights.  I’ve seen this before, but from a presentation standpoint and scrumptiousness of the food, Entertaining Company and their team knock it out of the park every time.


This is a great way for your guests to experience different flavors as well as satisfy all types of pallets for brunch, luncheons and…

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Trend Spotting: Wooden Slabs

I love wooden slabs and I absolutely love food served on them.  It’s unique and adds an organic and natural element to the table.  It also makes for a unique branding opportunity for events and weddings.

Below they are used as placemats and subtly branded with the initials.  Guests could take these home and use it as a serving piece for their next party.

Here they are used as serving platters.


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One Bite Mondays: BBQ Chicken + Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is all the craze right now (and it’s healthy).  I love it hot, love it cold.  I came across this recipe from How Sweet It Is.  It looks so good, I’m making it tonight.

Ya’ll know by now that when I’m working on events, I bust out my cookbooks or go online to find new and different recipes to give to the chefs at hotels.  Ya – they love me.  Actually they do because it gives them permission to get…

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Bottoms Up: A Cocktail Menu

I’m at ALT Summit San Francisco today soaking up tons of creative energy and inspiration from some pretty fabulous ladies.

For today’s Bottoms Up post, I decided instead of a single cocktail – let’s do lots, in the form of a beautiful calligraphy menu.  Calligraphy and hand lettering is all the rage and this would be a fun addition to your bar. It’s perfect for either a corporate event, soiree at your house or a…

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One Bite Mondays: Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips with Mustard Salt for a One Bite Mondays post might seem a bit odd.  But part of One Bite Mondays is how food is served.

I just love the way these sweet potato chips would spark a conversation – why you might ask?  Because they are served in this darling wooden box with a mason jar for the sauce.  Something so simple, yet unique will get your guests talking about it and remembering the event…

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