Currently Obsessed #1

Happy Friday!
Thought it would be fun to share some of my current obsessions.  I’m in love with bright colors and I’m craving bright colored pants.  Hot Pink just might be the one.  I think the bobbi pin would look just darling with it – don’t you?  And that maxi dress? Oh my.  That has me written all over it.  The flea bracelet can be paired with all the outfits – it’s so…

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The Purse…

I don’t need another purse.  The mister would say…you don’t need another purse.  But I can’t stop thinking about these three beauties.  

I have a thing for Polka Dots so when I discovered the Brahmin from Sterling Style (blog & instagram), I thought to myself…hmmmm I think I must have this.
I discovered the Tory Burch at Nordstrom.  The price is what stopped me, but the orange…

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Color Crush:: Mint Fashion

I thought I’d take a different spin on this weeks color crush.  Mint is all the rage this spring in fashion and here are some of my favorites.  I think I’ll take one of everything.

Mint affects::
relaxing mentally & physically
sense of renewel, self control & harmony
{image credit: rayban sunglasses, jcrew ballet flats, chevron rings, color block dress, anthropologie pants, colehaan purse}

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THIS is a Pop-up Shop!

I heart Kate Spade and I heart pretty much everything in their store.  I follow them on Tumblr, on Instagram and even on Pinterest.  I would say…I’m a groupie, and I’m OK with that.
The people who handle Kate Spade’s marketing are pure geniuses as far as I’m concerned.  We all have seen “pop-up” shops open up, especially seasonal ones around the holidays.  Well, to announce their Spring line…

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A Garden Soirèe:: A Party Dress

Now that your completely inspired to throw a little garden party for your friends, the next question is what to wear.  Do you go fancy or casual?  Here are some pretty looks that will definitely turn some heads.
{image credit: Kate Spade, J Crew, Kate Spade}

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40-something Fashionista :: Welcome to my closet…

I’ve been dreaming about this bag…I know…CRAZY.  But ever since I saw it (of course I repinned twice on Pinterest)…I just had to have it.

I went to our local Zara and they didn’t have it.  (Insert SAD face!)
Then while I was in Vancouver…I found the Zara there (Insert HAPPY dance!) and it was in the window.  So you see – it was just destiny!  So last Sunday morning…after…

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The 40-something Fashionista likes her cases

I love me a good looking iPhone case.  Here are some of my favorites…which one is your favorite?
Chevron LOVE!!

Kate Spade GOLD!

Put those Instagram photos to good use!

Pencil Shavings Studio, Kate Spade, Casetagram

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The 40-something Fashionista is GLAMOROUS

Being a 40-something…there are times when I’m wearing workout gear (the perks of having your own business)…but it’s fashionable workout gear.  My gear of choice is Lululemon for those wondering.  It wears well – lifts where we need a little lift and washes well.
But we CAN get all glammed up.  So this post is dedicated to the glamour, glitz and flouncy flouncy.

Jason Wu


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The 40-something Fashionista…accessorizes

Sometimes the 40-something fashionista has a hard time fitting in some of those fashionable outfits.  SHOCKER I know (insert image of me laughing right now)!
So what is a lady to do?  Accessorize!
Here are some fun finds.  Which do you like best?

The Willow Knot by 31 Bits

Michael Kors Espresso Color Watch

Bright Lights, Big City Kate Spade Bangle

Kate Spade Sparkle…

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{Looks of the Week} The 40 Something Fashionista

Looking for some fashion inspiration?  Here are some of my fall favorites of the week.  Which do you like best?
The J. Crew Etta Dress looks amazing with or without the belt.  Great for work or just running around town.

This Ann Taylor number is great for work and and after hours cocktails with friends!

Great for casual Fridays or the weekend lunching with your…

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