One Bite Monday

Inspired By: Edible Art

We’re completely lusting over these colorful and creative edible art desserts that are a great alternative to everyday cakes and cookies. Here are a few of our favorites; queue the mouth watering….

Unbirthday Bakery is owned by Sydney-based cake maker extraordinaire Nikki Lee and has a strict ‘No Fondant Allowed’ policy. Lee’s happy cake creations can be found on her Instagram {@unbirthdaybakery} or check…

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One Bite Mondays: Halloween Trash Mix

A couple of years ago, we created a Halloween party for one of our corporate clients here in Silicon Valley.  The Silicon Valley culture, especially when it comes to food is very diverse – gluten-free, vegan, meat-lovers, raw, kosher, halal, you name it…we have it.

When creating the menu, we had to keep all of this in mind.  We try to stay away from a sweet smorgasbord. I came across this Halloween Trash…

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One Bite Mondays: The Crumb Shoppe

School has started and how many of you have already gotten the fundraising cookie dough orders?  I know I have and I hate to say this, but I think I’m only going to be able to order one bucket.

Especially since I found this!  The Crumb Shoppe!  They are located in San Francisco and you order online.  You actually order the dough and they ship it to you all ready to bake.  The prices vary for a 16oz roll and I’m…

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One Bite Mondays: A Unique Amenity

A couple of weeks ago, me and my little family actually went on a vacation.  I real vacation.  No conference calls were scheduled or no checking email.  It was glorious.

Being in the event business, definitely has it’s perks.  We get upgraded when rooms are available and we get lovely amenities sent to our room.  It’s pretty awesome and am really grateful to be able to do what I love.  We stayed at the Hyatt…

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One Bite Mondays: Mexican Boats

We are all familiar with lettuce wraps – right?  They are so good.  Here is an alternative that would be perfect for  the meat eater, gluten-free or the vegetarian – Mexican Boats.

I came across these beauties on pinterest and thought they would be a great addition to a reception or a fun element to add to a buffet.  Call your caterer or convention services manager STAT – these will be a sure fire hit.


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One Bite Mondays: Chip Bar

This is a crazy busy week for ROAR events and I’m going to do my best to update the blog.  But if you don’t hear from me, know that I’m creating some serious magic for clients and you can get updates on our facebook page and follow along on instagram.

On to today’s One Bite Mondays…

We all love chips – don’t we?  It’s really hard to stop at one.  I just love this idea for an afternoon break at an event – a…

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One Bite Mondays: Food Flights

My go-to caterer in Chicago, Entertaining Company has done it again.  This time – food flights.  I’ve seen this before, but from a presentation standpoint and scrumptiousness of the food, Entertaining Company and their team knock it out of the park every time.


This is a great way for your guests to experience different flavors as well as satisfy all types of pallets for brunch, luncheons and…

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One Bite Mondays: BBQ Chicken + Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is all the craze right now (and it’s healthy).  I love it hot, love it cold.  I came across this recipe from How Sweet It Is.  It looks so good, I’m making it tonight.

Ya’ll know by now that when I’m working on events, I bust out my cookbooks or go online to find new and different recipes to give to the chefs at hotels.  Ya – they love me.  Actually they do because it gives them permission to get…

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One Bite Mondays: Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips with Mustard Salt for a One Bite Mondays post might seem a bit odd.  But part of One Bite Mondays is how food is served.

I just love the way these sweet potato chips would spark a conversation – why you might ask?  Because they are served in this darling wooden box with a mason jar for the sauce.  Something so simple, yet unique will get your guests talking about it and remembering the event…

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One Bite Mondays: Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

This might come as a shock to many of you, but I tried my first brussels sprouts a couple of years ago.  We were at a local downtown restaurant and they were the vegetable that accompanied my Halibut.  I had never tasted anything like it before.  They were caramelized and just divine!  Now I have them all the time and love to add them to menus that I’m creating for events.

We are starting a new series called One…

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