Finding A Perfect Venue | A Venue – Part 2

In part 1 of “How do you find that perfect venue,” we talked about hotels.  Now it’s time to talk about venues.  We are talking specifically about venues for conferences and not for parties or weddings.  Venues are much easier to work with if you are hosting a party vs a conference and that is because they aren’t as complex and are typically one day.
There are so many factors involved with finding the perfect venue…

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Life: Improving Focus When Your Busy

Picture this – you’re super busy at work, trying to focus and get stuff done, but your mind is so scattered and you want to escape to a little island.  Sound familiar?

For us, last week flew by and honestly, it was a little nuts trying to find a home for an event that is happening in a month.  Yes – you read correctly…in one month.  We were heading down one path and the client decided they wanted us to…

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corporate events

ROAR playbook: Mastering Corporate Events

Introducing the ROAR playbook – Mastering Corporate Events.  If you have been keeping up with us on instagram, you would have heard.

The playbook is your gateway into the world of Corporate Events.  This industry is unlike any other event planning niche.  We will share insider knowledge, limit that learning curve and help you grow your career.

The corporate events industry brings entirely new challenges to…

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InstaTour: Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Last month we were fortunate enough to be invited to explore the exquisite grounds of the Francis Ford Coppola Winery located in the heart of picturesque Alexander Valley. Just 75 miles north of San Francisco, the winery is an entertainment wonderland for all ages!

The property features more than forty wines produced onsite in their state-of-the-art winemaking facility and a restaurant serving up cuisine made to…

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Checking Out: Trump Soho NYC | Swank & Modern

We have 2 clients heading to NYC in the coming months and they both wanted a property that was a bit more exclusive and intimate as well as a little away from the hustle and bustle of midtown. What property did we choose for them? The swank & modern Trump Soho.

This property is located in the hip area of Soho and is full of amazing restaurants, shops and lots of pretty people. (Just a side note: down the…

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garlands, coffee, cocktails, vases, chalkboard paint

ROAR loves: No. 4 {garlands, coffee, cocktails, and more}

I’m taking a little break from my budget spreadsheets, menus and rooming lists and dreaming about garlands, coffee, cocktails vases and chalkboard paint. I would absolutely love to do all of the things below for an event.

1) I discovered the Color Connection on the Ruffled Blog.  Talk about taking paper garlands to an entirely new level.  This is an art installation!

2) Setting up a coffee station like…

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Inspired By: Creativity and a Chat with a Wall Might be the Answer

Last year, we produced a first time user conference for a high-tech company and it was great, actually it was beyond great, it was downright awesome. It most definitely didn’t feel nor look like a first time conference. This year we’re at it again and everyone keeps asking us – how are you going to top last years. Talk about pressure.

It got me thinking about my creative process and how I was going to “top”…

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Branding: 6 Laws for Winning Events

Branding – it can be really hard. As I went through the process with our rebrand, what I wanted became more clear. I also had help though. If I were to do it on my own, I wouldn’t have gotten the result that I did. I would have kept getting in my own way. This is why you hire an expert.

When I’m branding events on the other hand – it’s a bit easier. Why you might ask? For starters, when you hire a company to…

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Everything is Possible

I can’t believe we are officially half way through 2013.  The last 6 months have been a whirlwind of events.  I feel so blessed to be able to really do what I love.
Here is a recap:
9 cities in 6 months: Kansas City, Austin, Chapel Hill, San Francisco, Sonoma,Phoenix, Chicago, Anaheim, Napa
4 Tradeshows
1 User Conference
2 Executive Meetings
2 Cocktail Receptions
2 Parties
2 Executive Dinners
2 Custom…

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New Blog Finds…Are you in my Google Reader?

I’m just loving Google Reader.  Thanks to Becca from Cake for introducing me to it.  It saves me so much time.  All I have to do is click type in the name of the blog in the box above Add a Subscription, hit enter and then it pops up.  I like subscribe and voila!All my blogs that I’m liking at the moment are right there.  They are bold when there is a new post.  So easy!!Here are some…

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