Inspired By: Culture & Destination Meetings

Whenever we are producing destination meetings and events, we always want to bring in the culture of the city.  This could be done with music, food, decor and gifts.  If you’ve been following us on instagram, you would have seen that we were on a site visit in Puerto Rico for the past few days. (By the way – you should really follow us on instagram. :))

We are producing a destination meeting that will be heading to Puerto Rico in March so we were sourcing local artisans for gifts because we wanted to give guests items that were authentic to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has so many vibrant colors – especially in Old San Juan.  Old San Juan is famous for their brightly colored buildings and houses.


We found the perfect local artist that will come to events and guests will receive a custom little home that is just for them.  A perfect reminder of their time in this quaint town.


There are so many other elements that we are adding to this program that will make it unforgettable for them.

We can’t wait – it’s going to be great.

Caryl Lyons

Managing Partner
With a love for design, her signature style infuses everyday life into events. Her philosophy is to create an experience with food, color, music and interior design. You won't see just a pen and pad at one of her events.
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  1. Jodi Ferrier December 07, 2015, 7:47

    What a fabulous idea and you found the absolute perfect gift. I love these!

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