DIY :: Chevron, Gold & Sequins

I’ve been obsessing over gold, sequins and chevron lately.  I especially love the trays that hold trinkets and such.  I’ve seen quite a few on interior design sites just sitting happily on tables and nightstands that I decided I wanted to make one.

I was in Joann’s recently and I saw a small unfinished tray that I wanted to play with.  I wanted the chevron design and I wanted it in GOLD.

So this little project was actually really inexpensive.  I already had a few of the supplies (white spray paint and paint brushes) which kept the cost down.  Total investment: under $10.  If I hadn’t had the spray paint and brushes, the cost would probably been close to $20.  But hey – that is still cheaper than if I were to buy one.

Step 1:  Spray paint the tray (I used white flat paint) and let dry.  An hour is good.

Step 2: Use blue painters tape to create your chevron design.  I measured the length and centered the middle chevron point.  I centered it directly in the middle.  I did use a pencil and measured with a ruler.  One thing to keep in mind with the painters tape is that paint might bleed – so be prepared for touch-ups and a steady hand (oh and those reading glasses – let’s just say LIFESAVER!).

Step 3: Once your tray is taped, paint the white space.  One thing I didn’t realize is the amount of coats you will need to get good coverage.  The paint does dry quickly so by the time I was done, I could start all over again.  When all was said and done – the tray has about 5 coats of paint.  When I took the picture, I could really see the areas that still needed to be painted.

Step 4: Remove the blue tape.  You will need a smaller brush for touch up.  I also repainted the white space.  I wanted the interior sides to be gold so painted that.

Step 5: Time for black sequins.  I wanted to add a little something something to the tray to add a little pizzazz.  This required glue, tweezers, black sequins and reading glasses (so I could see).  I found a font that I liked, printed it to make a template, outlined it directly on the tray and got out the glue.  I used the glue in sections.  I didn’t want to glue the entire area at once for fear parts would dry.

Step 6: Style your tray!!  The finished product!!  I couldn’t be happier with it.  It looks great sitting on my dresser holding my perfume, rings, sunglasses and such.

I started this project on Saturday afternoon and finished it up with the exception of the sequins that night.  This morning I went right to work on the sequins.  So what do you think?



Caryl Lyons

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  1. moderncupcake October 24, 2011, 18:08

    Love me some Chevon! What fun!!!

  2. That’s Moi! October 24, 2011, 18:58

    Thanks Modern Cupcake!!

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