Encouragement: A Tattoo

Would you ever get a tattoo?  I’ve thought about it; something small, like a heart or a star, but I’ve always come to the same decision.  A tattoo is FOREVER (and it would hurt).  

Why am I talking about tattoos? A friend of mine sent me a link yesterday to Seth Godin’s blog and it was about Improving Your Condiments.  I know – what does that have to do with tattoos?  Nothing really, except that it had been a while since I was on his blog so I refreshed the screen and got to his Wednesday’s post…about Tattoos.

Well, it wasn’t totally about Tattoos – it was about Tattoo Thinking.  You make a decision to get a tattoo and that decision is a forever decision.  It’s not a pick out a couch and change your style 10 years later kind of decision.  It’s not a go through a rebrand and 5 years later rebrand again kind of decision.  We evolve, we change.  Tattoos don’t (unless…never mind, not going there).

We might get scared making a change with a project or our career, changing our pricing structure, or a rebrand.  Seth is right, these things don’t last forever – they are temporary.  We make a choice to change.  “And the benefit of taking a risk is significantly higher than it is with a tattoo.”

Decisions are temporary.  Heck, I made so many decisions yesterday and changed my mind about a zillion times (no that doesn’t make me indecisive).  If that was a tattoo, I’d be in big trouble.  Now is the time to “be bold and make mistakes.”  If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn.

Thanks Seth for the great insight and thanks Leslie for sharing the condiment post with me.  Made my day!

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