Encouragement: How Do You Want to Feel?

Have you heard the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?”  I guess I’m ready, because I’m reading a great book right now and it’s really hitting home with me.  It’s called The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms by Danielle LaPorte.  I’m about a 1/3rd through the book and one chapter has really stopped and made me think.

How Do You Want to Feel?  Such a simple question, but when you wake up in the morning, what do you normally do?  I get up, say good morning to my misters, take the dogs out, get my coffee, yada yada yada.  I don’t ask myself – how do I want to feel today?

Now the question…what if I did?  Do you think it would change the make-up of my day?  I tested it out yesterday to see.  You know what, it did.  I made a conscious effort to be aware of how I wanted to feel vs. an unconscious effort just to go about my day and feel what I feel.

This is what I did…I started picking words, feelings, concepts and images that meant something to me and started writing things down.  I wrote down a ton, and then went back through and narrowed them down.  I still need to do some narrowing down, but for right now…today – this is how I want to feel today.


I’ll leave you with a quote from her book…“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.  Generating those feelsings is the most creative thing you can do with your life.”

Caryl Lyons

Managing Partner
With a love for design, her signature style infuses everyday life into events. Her philosophy is to create an experience with food, color, music and interior design. You won't see just a pen and pad at one of her events.
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