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Happy March.  I can’t believe 2 months have already flown by.  I’m heading back to Utah today.  I’m going to be there with a client, launching their new name and all new brand.  It’s been a really exciting project to work on.  This company has undergone a complete transformation and it got me thinking.  Are you portraying the image that you want?  Does your brand reflect who you are?  People change just like company’s change.  When I started my events company 6 years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like.  Over time, that vision has changed.  

Well, that’s gonna be changing.  I’m going to have a little downtime over the next several days and I’m taking advantage of that.  In the evening, I don’t have to put on my mama hat on (except for my nite-nite facetime chats and to see how the little misters day was).  I can use this time to reflect and focus on what it is I truly want and what I want my company to look like.  Who do I want to attract?  Who do I want to be?  It’s both exciting and scary, but this is a leap year and I’ve been standing on the cliff long enough.  It’s time to jump.

I love the saying: She took a leap and built her wings on the way down.

This is a year of change for me – I can feel it.  Wanna come along on this journey.  It’s going to be fun.

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Caryl Lyons

Managing Partner
With a love for design, her signature style infuses everyday life into events. Her philosophy is to create an experience with food, color, music and interior design. You won't see just a pen and pad at one of her events.
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  1. Nikki March 01, 2012, 15:52

    Caryl!I'm so excited for you!I can't wait to follow your journey!XOXO

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