Food for Thought: Food Trucks

Planning an event, wedding, company picnic or party?  Have you thought of using a food truck?  They are all the rage right now.  So many chefs are hopping on the food truck craze to reach a broader market than just their restaurant.

Surprisingly, it can actually help with your food & beverage costs as they typically are less expensive than hotel food.  It also adds an unexpected element to your event.  

Some food trucks offer private dining, Le Truc out of the bay area is one of them.  Instead of having your private dinner for 10 in a restaurant – have it in a truck.  Now that would be an experience your guests would be talking about.  Don’t you think?

You can also work with the hotel so vendors can bring items in as well.  You might pay a little bit of a mark-up or flat fee, but can be worth it.  We brought Jamba Juice into a meeting and instead of spending $7,000 on a break, we were able to reduce the cost in half.  Big savings for the client, and also an unexpected treat for the guest.  I would call that a double win.

Just a little food for thought – definitely price things out.  You just might be surprised.

Here is a fun little round-up of food trucks around the states.  Do you have any favorites?  I would love to hear.  Please share.

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