Fun Fact: A Food Truck Concierge

We all know that food trucks are all the rage all over the US.  In your local cities, you know where to find the best tacos or cupcakes – right?

But what do you do when you’re traveling to a city that you might not be all that familiar with?  Do you wing it and hope to see one of those magical trucks on the street?

Thompson Hotels of NYC is doing something about it.  They have a FOOD TRUCK CONCIERGE – total genius if you ask me.  That’s right!  If you stay at one of their fabulous properties – you can ask, “hey – I’m in the mood for a taco, ice cream, a dumpling” or what ever else your heart desires and they’ll hook you up!  How’s that for service?

A couple of their hotels (Gild Hall and Smyth Tribecca) are offering special food truck packages when you’re booking a room – promo code: FOODTRUCK and see what pops up.

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