Hiring a Band? What you need to know!

We just had an event in Kansas City at PBR Big Sky, a Cowboy Bar for a client of ours.  It was a ROCKIN good time.  Noe Palma performed with his band and he was a hit.  

Looking to hire a band for your next event?  Here are some things that I learned.

6 things you need to know if you’re going to hire a band.

#1 Don’t assume ANYTHING!

#2 Do you need to provide the equipment? Or will the band be bringing everything in?

#3 Does the band have a rider?  (What’s a rider – it’s the bands requirements, as an example if they have to have green m&m’s before every set – you need to make sure they have green m&m’s.)

#4 If the venue provides “sound,” make sure they provide it even if they aren’t booking the talent.  There might be additional fees.  Get everything in your contract.

#5 If you need to provide the sound, the venue should give you the requirements.  Make sure you have a sound tech as well, especially during the sound check.

#6 If the band is familiar with the venue and has played there often, don’t assume everything will be the same.   Make sure you ask question #4 and #5.  If you don’t – you might just have an acoustic performance vs. a rock out jammin’ performance.  You don’t want any surprises the night before your event.

Wanna see a little sample of Noe?  Check out the video below.  Pardon the resolution – I took this with my iphone. 🙂

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