I need this plant

Let me start by saying I do not have a green thumb.  Not at all!  I try…I hope.  Indoor plants just don’t survive in my home.  It might have something to do with the fact that I forget to water them.  We do have some greenery in our house, but let me be completely honest now – they are 2 lighted fake ficus trees that I bought at a home staging sales 6 years ago.  Totally sad – don’t you think?

I first saw this plant in Bri of DesignLoveFest’s home tour and fell in LOVE.  What kind of plant is it?  Why its a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.  It’s official name is Ficus Lyrata.  Don’t I sound so official?  I’m digging the big leaf and the structure of it.  

So I’m wondering to myself, could I keep this lovely plant alive.  What does it require?  How much care?

Here are a few stats:

Light: Moderate to bright light | OK – it can go in the bedroom, but not the dining room because that room tends to be darker.

Watering: Moderate to low | I could set an alarm on my calendar to remind myself to water it.

Poisonous: Yea – keep away from little kiddos and pets.  My kiddo is 12 so he won’t mess with it and I’ll keep Zippy away from it.

Prune: Once a year – no problem

Dust it: The leaves can get dusty so give it a once over with a duster once a week – no problem.

I think I can do this.  I want a tall one like Bri’s and the one’s in this image below.  I’m loving those orange planters.

I loved this plant so much I rented them for an event that kicked off in San Francisco this week.  They just look fabulous in the space.  Next week, I go on the search to see where I can buy one of these babies.

{image 1 | 2 | 3}

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