{Life Lessons} How Many Faces Do You Have?

A very dear friend of the family passed away recently and today was the celebration of his life.

At his celebration, I was {re-introduced} to a couple of very important concepts.  It’s something that you know – but I think getting caught up in life…one forgets.
LESSON ONE: He had just ONE face
Did you know that the majority of people out there in the world have many different faces/personalities they show different people?
            Face #1: You show to friends
            Face #2: You show to your family
            Face #3: You show to strangers
            Face #4: You show to yourself
It takes a very special and unique person to only have ONE face.  It’s the same face that they show to everyone they see, meet, know and love.
Why is it that you can be so nice to a perfect stranger, yet you might snap at your sister?  Are you not being your true authentic self when you are talking to the stranger or sister?
Or you put on that happy face when you’re talking to a client, but when someone on your team walks in the door, you don’t say hello?
Do you have different faces for different situations?  Yes, there are times when you need to be stern or happy or angry – but shouldn’t everyone receive the same recognition from you? 
I’m not saying that you can’t be angry or happy…I’m saying be your true self to everyone.
If you feel that you are a loving person…be that loving person everyday to everyone with honesty and sincerity.
Our friend that past away – he only had one face.  You knew where you stood with him…he was genuine…he was authentic…he was sincere….he was honest.
I want to have just one face that everyone sees – strangers, friends, families and me.
How many faces do you have?
Tomorrow – LESSON TWO…it hit me like a ton of bricks!


Caryl Lyons

Managing Partner
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