Bottoms Up: Cucumber Mojito

This past weekend, Mr. ROAR and I had the pleasure of staying at the Lodge at Sonoma and attend a RUM tasting.  I know, sounds a bit strange – we were in the Napa Valley and tasting RUM.

The Lodge at Sonoma takes pride in introducing guests to products that are produced locally; unique brands that have a great story behind them.  This night was no different.  It was a Caribbean theme evening featuring Sugar Daddy Rum, which was a new brand to me.  Personally, I’m a sucker for awesome packaging and fell in love with the bottle – I just knew I’d love the rum too.

Three specialty cocktails were served, Somoma’s Perfect Storm, Sugar Daddy Mai Tai and the Sugar Daddy Cucumber Mojito.  I had the mojito and oh boy – it was divine!

And I enjoyed it…with my grey strippy straw!  Actually, I enjoyed T.W.O!  The perfect summer cocktail.  Light, delicious and refreshing.  I have a feeling it’s going to be around all summer.

Sugar Daddy Cucumber Mojito Recipe


2oz. Sugar Daddy Light Rum

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

1oz. simple syrup

5 mint leaves

4 cucumber slivers plus extra for garnish

club soda


Coat the rim of your glass with lime and dip the glass into raw cane sugar.  Then muddle mint, add ice, lemon juice, Sugar Daddy Light Rum, simple syrup and cucumber.  Top with club soda and stir carefully.


All photos taken by Moi – even the selfie.

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