Suburban Baker:: Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

I saw this stunner of a cake on Sunday Suppers blog yesterday.  If you saw this cake, would you be able to stop thinking about it?  Me…nope.  I was thinking about it all day.  So I decided, I had to make it.  

In the spirit of keeping it real – I mean…I’m a suburban mom who likes to bake pretty things and I can only wish that my cake turned out like hers.  I thought it only appropriate to show you the pretty side, the not-so pretty side and sliced up with a yummy scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The verdict?  YUM, but I probably could have taken it out of the oven a couple of minutes earlier – our oven tends to run on the hotter side.  Now I just need to work on my photography so mine looks more like hers.

{image credit: cake on blue cake stand, others by me}

Want the recipe?  Head over to the Sunday Supper blog and click “recipe card” at the bottom of the post and print away.

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