Sunday Coffee Sippin’

Happy Long Weekend everyone!  I got to sleep in a little this morning and it felt grand.  So tonight is the season finale of Downton Abby – Just a little excited about this.  I really hope Lady Mary and Matthew finalize realize “at the same time” that they are meant for one another.  I’m planning on doing a little furniture shifting in our family room and this is the inspiration.

As i’m sippin’ my Sunday Coffee…here is what’s catching my eye.

Lovin’ these easy to make confetti tags.

Illustrations = a touch of whimsy and a side of delight.

I love the idea of sharing what you’re thankful for and doing it through photos.  

Remember to Be Open to whatever comes next.

A Colorful DIY mat that I think I’m gonna make.

I might like a lamp in the kitchen.

I just discovered this online magazine and the pictures are gorgeous.



{image credit: breakfast in bed}

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