THIS is a Pop-up Shop!

I heart Kate Spade and I heart pretty much everything in their store.  I follow them on Tumblr, on Instagram and even on Pinterest.  I would say…I’m a groupie, and I’m OK with that.

The people who handle Kate Spade’s marketing are pure geniuses as far as I’m concerned.  We all have seen “pop-up” shops open up, especially seasonal ones around the holidays.  Well, to announce their Spring line and as part of New York Fashion Week, Kate Spade created a “pop-up” tour bus.  GENIUS!  And yes, you could buy to your hearts content.  So wish I was in NYC right now.  

But luckily for a lot of people…they’re going on tour!  So wish they were coming to the bay area.  NYC, Seattle, LA and Austin is on the list.

Don’t forget…Live Colorfully!

As a side note, this is a great way to reach customers.  It would be great for more companies to jump on this bandwagon.

(image credit: Kate Spade Bus)

Caryl Lyons

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