6 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Color Scheme for Events

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Creating the color scheme for events can be tricky. My personal opinion, color is super important because it sets the vibe. From color you get brand, you capture the emotion.

Color Scheme for Events

My 6 Best Tips for your Event Brand

1. Company brand colors (sometimes you don’t have an option) and cross your fingers they are good.

2. Depending on the type of event, look at the colors and vibe of the property, are they bright colors or muted tones. I do this tip a lot for incentives.  If the designer isn’t able to travel to the property, take lots of photos of the space, guest bedrooms, art and other decor. Also share the property website.

3. Look at the carpet of the event space. (YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY!) You want your branding to feel like it belongs and not out of place.  This tip comes in handy for conferences because you tend to use lots of space and the carpet is everywhere. TRUE STORY: we created an entire event brand identity around the colors in a carpet. They were wild and it was going to cost too much 💰 to bring in carpet, so we embraced it and it was amazing. Check it out here!

4. The Pantone color guide and binder. (This is what I use.)  When I have a specific color in mind, this is great because I can see all the variations on the color.  It’s also easy to share the swatches with the client.

5. Head to a paint store. This gets me out of the office (yay!) and I can see different color combinations.

6. The Instagram page.  Love their combinations of colors.  It’s definitely worth a look see. 😉

These tips work for any type of event, corporate, social, wedding or non-profit!

I get asked if I have a favorite and I really don’t, it depends on the situation.

Now your turn, how do you pick colors? Let me know in the comments and if this was helpful.


Yes you are right color is most important in everything and your ideas are nice, Thank You.

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Creating an unforgettable color scheme truly sets the tone for any event! These six tips are invaluable for anyone aiming to leave a lasting impression.

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