15 Sure-Fire Tips to Help you Engage and Excite your Attendees with Virtual Events

What We Do

capacity app for:
The Planner
The Hotel
For the planner:
There is nothing worse then maneuvering a hotel website, searching for capacity charts and floorplans.
We endlessly click and we might finally find what we are looking for to only not remember how we got there in the first place. Can you relate? I sure can because I’ve been there.
I have a love for technology &
I decided to take a stand and create a tool that the event industry needs.
Planners have access to multiple things:
Meeting space
so you have an idea
of the minimum space
Venue listings
of hotels
so you don’t need
to search on hotel websites
for the information.
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For the Hotel:
Now you don’t need to carry around floorplans, search for a pdf to email to a client, search for photos, look up what will fit in one of your meeting rooms, because it’s all on the app.
Clients can easily share the information with their co-workers and bosses and you look pretty hip on your site visits
when you tell your clients to download the Capacity app and all the information is available to them 24x7.

See what all the hype is about

Let’s talk about
saving you time.
Types of events we produce:
Executive Retreats
Influencer Events
Sales Kick-Off
Team Buildings
Advisory Meetings
Product Launches
Holiday Parties
Networking Events
Cocktail Parties
Private Dinners
Award Ceremonies