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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Have you ever said to someone or even yourself – “This is the way we always do it,” or “If it’s not broken, why fix it.”  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you opened yourself up for change?  

I’m talking about both in business and in your personal life.  We get so use to the status quo, but that could get you in trouble.  How?  Well, in business, you aren’t challenging yourself, taking risks and adapting with the changing industry.  You might be the “it” girl (or boy) one day, but if you keep doing the same thing and not being innovative, you’re yesterdays news.

How can this effect you in your personal life?  You don’t try.  You keep doing the same thing…what’s for dinner? Chicken or Steak, Pizza or Chinese.  Boring!  You wear the same thing almost every day (gotta love lululemon yoga pants).  Boring!

Many of us have this expectation of what we are suppose to be doing with our life.  But one thing is for sure, our success isn’t just going to happen all on it’s own, we need to make it happen.  If we sit by, life just moves along and passes each of us by.

Things are changing in my world with business, and I use to be scared to try new approaches.  What if I fail?  I’m excellent at what I do – what if I can’t do something or it turns awful.  We can create some knarly self talk in our heads.  But now, if I start down that path, I tell myself…”what if this is the best thing for you.”  Think of the possibilities.  A friend of mine told me once – if the thought of something doesn’t scare you a little bit, then you aren’t challenging yourself enough.

So my challenge to you – is to be open.  Be open to what comes next.  You might think that you are “suppose” to be doing a specific thing, but an opportunity might present itself and it’s doing something slightly different or even completely different.  Just be open, because walking through that door of change, just might change your life.

I’m on a journey and I’m keeping myself open.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your comments.  This is a community and we need to stick together!

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Thank you everyone for your kind works and so glad that this post came at the "right time" for you. Jess – just read your post and it's absolutely great. We do need to say "yes" to things and even do things without any motives but to just be present. You could meet a person who ends up being one of your best friends, your next business partner or you can help someone.

Thanks so much for sharing this post with me! I find myself in my personal life doing that and sometime in my business as well! Here is my reaction to this status quo: : )
Have a great weekend!

What a fantastic post! I think we all need to hear these sorts of inspiring messages to help us to continue to grow in our businesses and in our personal lives. Thank you for sharing!

ok ..this is scary …. someone just approach me on anew idea … somewhat different from what i'm doing … and my first thought was ok … i'll help you put it together ..but I'll stay with my stuff … this just opened my eyes to maybe go the next step with them … your awesome !!!!! will keep you posted !!

We are listening and the message was well received. It also came at the right time, thank you.

Thanks ladies! I'm glad that it helped you. Sometimes you wonder if anyone is listening out there, but for me…it's an important message for everyone and a constant reminder to myself. Please share it with people you know. I believe its such an important message to get out there…especially as we grow and change.

Wow, this definitely hit home for me. I am one of those tried-and-true people — I get in a routine and I like it, so I stay. It takes a lot to move me in a different/untried direction! Thanks for the encouragement to step out in faith and embrace whatever comes next!

Thank you for this post! I needed to hear those words today!

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