Encouragement:: Perception

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have you looked over someone else’s fence and thought – wow, they have a great life?  Or thought to yourself, that person has their life and career so together?  Then one day, you take a little peek into their world and realize all the grandeur you thought they had, really wasn’t all that.  

It was all perception.  It might have been brilliant marketing and branding.  It might have been a great photograph and a photoshop expert.

I’ll admit that I’ve idolized people and companies.  I think to myself, wow – they are all that and a bag of chips.  Then I meet the person and my perception of them is completely different.  I’ve had it go both ways that they are really a great person, exactly what I thought and I’ve seen it go south.  I’ve been diappointed because they weren’t the person that I thought.  I was idolizing the marketing and the branding.  Does that make sense?

The web and photographs can play mind tricks on you.  You can think that you aren’t good enough to be like “them.”  But the reality is that you really are and they might be feeling the same way that you are.  

It’s all perception.

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