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Goal: Create Effective Networking Sponsor Space while keeping Attendees Fed

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Creating Effective Networking Sponsor Space
Finding a place to feed 1500 people for a sit down lunch in San Francisco is tough, coupled with designing effective sponsorship space is even tougher - especially if you are using the largest space in the hotel for the general session.
But customers and prospects need to be feed and sponsors need to be able to showcase their products, right? They are paying large sponsorship fees to get in front of the audience.
The client knew the hotel they wanted to use and we were tasked to figure out how to make it all work. We decided the best approach, since we were using every inch of meeting space in the hotel, was to tent Union Square.
We played around with a few ideas, moving the general session into the tent and meals and sponsor area in the Grand Ballroom. The size would work, but quickly realized it wasn’t the most cost effective route for our client.
We then mapped out the tent to house all of the sponsors, meals, breaks and the final night party.
What We Did
Logistically there were so many moving parts from setting up the tent, working with the city and the multitude of vendors.

Everything needed to be timed perfectly. While move in was happening in the hotel, it was also happening in the square. Have teams dedicated to each space was essential.
There was one catch with our plan, on the final day of the program, breakfast could be in the tent, but lunch couldn’t. Since the party was happening in the tent, we had to have 60 sponsor booths of varying sizes dismantled and loaded out, furniture we weren’t using for the party and all new furniture loaded in.
To save time, we did keep some of the decor elements and changed out the graphics. Our goal for the party - when they walked into the room, they felt like they were walking into a completely different space.
You might wonder what we did


 Well, we devised a plan to split the group because we knew that everyone couldn’t eat at the same time.  From a content perspective, we adjusted the agenda. While some were in breakouts, the others were eating and visa versa. 

Lemons to Lemonade Space Transformation

I’m happy to say that everything went off without a hitch.

The attendees were highly engaged,
sponsors were happy and
the client was ecstatic with the result.
Oh and the food was amazing.  

Our Approach
We believe a successful event isn't created by one single person - it takes a village, a team.
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