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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today was the day that I’ve been actually looking forward to for a week now!

I successfully completed the 28 Days to Health Cleanse.  YAY!!  I’m doing the happy dance.

I’m not gonna lie, there have been some challenging days (especially when I had to drink 3 shakes a day for 4 days).  After day 2 of the pure liquid diet – I was done.

The last day was really tough.  Your mind plays tricks on you, but I had to have the will power to stick it through to the end.

Let me give you the low-down for my last day on the cleanse.

I was at the Santa Clara Marriott all day for a meeting that I was planning for one of my favorite clients.  The event was themed Western so of course – we had to have BBQ (which people that know me in person know that I LOVE BBQ).  A simple dessert – cookies (which I LOVE sweets) and to finish off the day – a beer and WINE bar (which I LOVE wine but no drinking on the cleanse).  Then in the evening post event, I went to celebrate my dear cousin Jaimie’s 30th birthday at an Italian Restaurant (which I LOVE italian food) in San Mateo.

Needless to say – there was a boat load of opportunity to just forget the last day and enjoy.

Here is what I did:
On Monday afternoon before heading to the Marriott, I packed up my 2 shakes for Tuesday in a 2 ziploc baggies, brought my now famous “Starbucks Plastic Venti Cup” and a couple of extra cups for my shakes.  Also packed these individual Almond Milk cartons which I found at Whole Foods.

Tuesday morning, I talked to our Catering Services Manager, Juliet and told her that I was on this cleanse and today was the last day and I had to get my breakfast shake blended up.  She was amazing – she wrote down my blending instructions (because after doing this for 28 days – there is definitely a science behind making the perfect shake) and brought it back to me all blended up.  It wasn’t quite the way that mine look – but who am I to complain – I was so appreciative.

The lunch came and she came back over to me and said – are you ready for lunch?  Oh my goodness – yes I said I’m starving and that food for the attendees smells so good.  She brought back my chocolate shake back to me and said – this time I had a professional blend it…I had the bartender do it.  I have to say – he was a professional because it was really good (I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I was starving :)).  I stuck with water as my beverage of choice all day too!

Dinner – was at an Italian Restaurant that had the most amazing menu.  Pasta was screaming my name – but I opted for the Sole and Brussel Sprouts.  It was good – the pasta probably would have been better.  I celebrated with Jaimie toasting her 30th with water vs. wine.

I feel really good that I didn’t give in and I completed this cleanse.   I feel amazingly great that I was actually able to inspire a couple of people to jump on board and do a cleanse themselves.

Special thanks to Julie at the Dailey Method for being a week ahead of all of us on the cleanse so you could tell us what to expect.  Thanks 28 Days to Health for your support as well.  I will definitely do the cleanse again…sometime. 🙂 And thank you to my friends for all of your love and support!



Congratulations Caryl! Preparing in advance is the key to success no matter what you do. I'm cleansing for the second time (1st time in April) I forgot how tough it can be but I sure can tell you I have enjoyed all the benefits I.e.more alert and focused, less joint and muscle pain and my MD says my cholesterol is much improved from a year ago. I'm doing it again cause the holidays put me more in a 20/40/40 mindset and my body is feeling it. Tx for your story it gives us inspiration.
Barbara Stallbaum

Congratulations Caryl! You are truly an inspiration with your persistence to stick with the cleanse through all the temptations. Cheers to your health!

Be well,

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