I survived…Day 1

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I successfully completed DAY 1.  They say that the first 3 days are the hardest…so I’m a 1/3 of the way there.

As you know – I’m doing the 28 days to Health Cleanse and since I’ve never done anything like this – this picky eater (which is me!) was quite nervous.

Day 1: I didn’t start my day off having my cup of coffee this morning – no coffee for me.  Instead I started out with a chocolate protein shake…not bad.  I thought to myself…I can do this!
Around 11am – my mind was focusing on FOOD any and all kinds of food.  Isn’t that always the case…

So I had my fizzy water and that worked for a little bit.  I was really trying not to eat my lunch at 11am knowing that I wasn’t going to be eating dinner for what seemed like eternity.

Had lunch around 1pm and it was good.  Salad with grilled chicken, kidney beans, carrots and this rosemary vinaigrette that I had made in the morning.  Yummy and satisfying…for about 2 hours.

I went to workout at the Dailey Method and the workout would have been really amazing if I wasn’t fantasizing about FOOD during the entire class. 🙂  Got home and wanted to eat my hand off…but I didn’t.  I cut up some apple instead.  You aren’t suppose to snack – but I had to do something.  Oh – and I had fizzy water too!

I made dinner.  Tacos for the boys (my hubby and munchkin) and Taco salad for me.  I checked the labels of the taco seasoning and was surprised they was SOY in the ingredients.  (Can’t have soy on the cleanse.) So had to make it separately.  Made them the Taco’s with SOY taco seasoning and for me…Taco meat with Chipotle Chili spice.  Added some kidney beans, hard boiled egg, picante taco sauce and a ton of lettuce and I was good to go.

I also drank so much water – I think I was going to the restroom every 5 minutes.  One of the biggest challenges today was not grabbing food to eat just because.  Also – had a headache from no coffee.  Had to take an advil and it went away.

(side note: I’ll be traveling next week so I bought the Magic Bullet and will be bringing it with me so I can make my shakes on the road.)

Stay tuned for Day 2…

~ Caryl

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