Chickens, Love and a Gal Named Kara

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I’ve discovered a beautiful website with some pretty spectacular images by Kara Rosenlund.  She is a Sydney, Australia based photographer, stylist and sells vintage wares from her 1956 Franklin Caravan. (I think I want one of those!)

So what drew me into her website that I ended up spending 45 minutes clicking through her site?

This image!

Yes, I realize that these are chickens.  But I love how they are hanging out by her back door.  They seem so friendly.  And then I started going deeper into her blog and I saw this image.

The story behind this image is that she thought her chickens escaped and she was afraid that they were headed for the road.  She heard a little cluck and went upstairs and there she found them hiding behind the sofa.

These chickens LOVE her and are clearly a part of her family.  I know that I’ve just showed you pictures of chickens, you must check out her website because her images just exude feelings.  By looking at these images of her with the chickens, you just know that she is friendly, approachable and kind.  She inspires me to be this kind of person and most definitely on my list of people I want to meet.

So this Inspired By post might not look like it’s events related when you see chickens, but it is in way.  This is a excellent reminder to always:

  1. be friendly even when things might not be going your way;
  2. be approachable because a a guest, a friend, a vendor or someone you work with might share an idea that will take your event to the next level;
  3. and be kind because you don’t know what kind of day someone might be having and you could be the reason that their day goes from ho-hum to spectacular.


All images from the Kara Rosenlund website

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