Life After A Cleanse

Monday, February 21, 2011

It’s been about 2 weeks since I completed the 28 Days to Health Cleanse and you might be wondering…

did she go back to her old ways of eating?
is she eating a bunch of junk again?
did she lose any weight?
is she drinking coffee again?
drinking wine?
eating baskets full of bread?
is she eating all those treats she has been making?

Actually, before I tell you – let me say ever since I remember, I’ve been allergic to wheat and milk.  I’ve always known how they effect me.  Too much wheat gives me headaches and too much milk would give me very bad leg cramps.  So I was extremely curious how this cleanse would effect me by eliminating both wheat and milk from my diet.

I really felt great on the cleanse.  The first day was awful and in week 3, when you drink 3 shakes a day for 4 days – that just stunk.  Other than that – it was really good.

I have not gone back to the way I was eating.  For the most part, I’m actually staying gluten and dairy free.  I still have my protein shakes in the morning for breakfast (it’s so easy and I really enjoy them).  For lunch, I’ll have a salad (I am having some balsamic vinaigrette which I couldn’t have on the cleanse and I’m good with that).  For dinner, I’ll have chicken, steak or fish with some quinoa and asparagus or butternut squash.  I’m fascinated how my tastebuds have changed.

I lost 12 pounds on the cleanse – which I was very happy about. YAY!!  And I’m making my own Latte’s with Almond Milk.  I love foam and so excited that Almond Milk foams.  No more Skinny Vanilla Lattes for me.

It would be great if Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee offered Almond Milk, but for now – I’m making my own with my Nespresso

Am I having wine again?  That would be a yes!  Have I finally tasted the treats I’ve been making?  I have tried them and what’s interesting is that sweets are VERY sweet.  I haven’t been having a ton – just nibbles here and there.  I did make this last night – we had friends over for dinner.  Tasted it just to see how it was.  It was delish!

I did make some Gluten-free cupcakes and mini-donuts as well (the frosting wasn’t).  These were so yummy.  I want to work on perfecting some recipes that are gluten and dairy free.

I have found that the days that I added in wheat and dairy – I got headaches…so for the most part, I’m steering clear.

All in all – it was a great experience doing the cleanse.  I hope that my posts have helped those that are on a cleanse or maybe even inspired some to actually do one.

Keep your eyes posted for more recipes…(I’ll be posting here and on facebook.)


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