{Life Lessons} Part 2: live, love, do

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our dear friend Jerry was going to be 75 on the 4th of July.  What an amazing day for a birthday…just imagine the celebrating he did each year.  If you knew him, you would say…It’s so fitting he was born on this day.

He LOVED life
He LOVED what he did for a living {he would never say it was a job}
He LOVED to travel
He LOVED his family
HE LOVED to play and have fun
He didn’t get caught up in the day to day mumbo jumbo…he LIVED!
LESSON TWO: LIVE like you’ve never lived before
How do you live your life?  Constantly scheduled and not taking time out with your family and friends…always saying…I’m too busy…I don’t have enough time?
Do you like what you do?  Are you so busy making excuses why you can’t do this or that…but DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU DO?  That is the big question.
If you spend the majority of your time working – you better like what you do…don’t you think?
So there were two instances this weekend where this came up for me…the FIRST time, I was reading a blog post by Emily Ley of Emily Ley Creative.  She said something in her video that really hit home for me.
{If you’re not excited about what you’re doing ~ nobody will be}
{If you’re not producing from the heart ~ it will be obvious}
Then she asked a couple of questions…
{What fires you up?}
{What makes you get out of bed each morning excited?}
Interesting statements and questions that really made me think…
The SECOND time was listening to Jerry’s family and friends talk about Jerry and how he LIVED and LOVED…
So the question for me…do I love what I do?
Yes – I absolutely LOVE events.  I love to dream about them and create them.  Am I using my creativity to it’s fullest potential…YES for the events that I’m doing…but I want more…I want to do more and utilize my creativity to it’s fullest capacity.  I’m growing and evolving and that means my creative expression is too.
If I’m going to be honest ~ I would say…I need to have more fun…be more spontaneous…do things…remember to stop and smell the flowers…listen to the birds chirp in the morning.  Just sit and be.
So what fires me up?  FAMILY, FRIENDS, EVENTS, DESIGN
I bought a plaque this weekend that is sitting on our mantle and the saying sums it up…
Happiness Is Not A Destination
It Is A Way Of Life
My promise to myself…LIVE like I’ve never lived before, LOVE like I’ve never loved before and DO like I’ve never done before.
What’s your promise?


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