Practical can be sexy, creative and impactful

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Practical can be the solution and it can also be creative, sexy and impactful.  Do you agree?  Stick with me here.

Imagine you walk into a hotel lobby and see a blank wall that is just ripe for some branding, what do you do?

Statement Wall

My creative mind starts spinning with ideas and also seeing $$$.  

We’ve all heard of statement walls, right? Well that is exactly what I saw when I did a site visit for a conference a few years back. I knew something needed to be there. It was the focal point for the meeting. It was PRIME branding for the company as it was just off the lobby.

But there were a few “small” problems. 😕

1. There were no hang points on the ceiling or the wall

2. The wall went straight down to the bottom floor and ended in a RAISED PLANTER! (I have no idea who designed this, but clearly didn’t think about branding opportunities

3. We couldn’t use scaffolding, cherry picker or ladders to secure anything from the ground

Prime Branding

Well this stinks!  But it didn’t because there are some things that I do when sighting for conferences (especially if I know there will be lots of branding).

1. Bring my sign guy with me…because he knows all the latest and greatest out there.

2. Bring my designer so our creative heads can spin together.

3. Bring my production guy because I know he has seen all kinds of stuff.

You see, I don’t go alone because it’s not just me. There is a team that I surrounded myself with to create magic and come up with creative solutions to potential problems.

What did we do?

We figured out a way to create 3 big-ass banners and get them hung.

What we did

Was it what we first envisioned? Not exactly.

The final look

Sometimes you need to be practical (which isn’t a bad word BTW) and we didn’t have days and days to set-up.

We used our creative minds and came up with an innovative solution that may or may not have included some industrial zip ties! I’d say this was #practicalwithimpact.

What have you done when you’ve run into challenges with your event branding? I hope you didn’t throw in the towel.

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