15 Sure-Fire Tips to Help you Engage and Excite your Attendees with Virtual Events

What We Do

There is nothing worse than not having enough time or resources to find a home for your next event.

We’ve been in your shoes, we know how it feels. It can be stressful.

We’ve helped many companies find the perfect location for thousands of their events worldwide – yes, all over the world.

Our process
is easy.
All you need to do is schedule a call with us, we’ll create the RFP and we’ll show you all the possibilities to have your event shine.
Caryl knows what my exact needs are when selecting venues for my events;
she knows I am always looking for a venue that will exceed the previous year. And, after 12 years of working with her and her team, she has never disappointed! It’s difficult for me to travel internationally from country to county before deciding where I want to host my next event, so having Caryl’s extensive knowledge, not only with the properties but with locations, has helped me tremendously. I couldn’t do my job without her!
Lucero Jaramillo / Director of Conferences
Institutional Real Estate, Inc
ROAR saved me hours of handling all the initial negotiations with the vendors.
The team not only has a wealth of experience, but also provides exceptional customer services. I loved the onsite video clips of the properties, offsite venues and even the city highlights. Huge plus to help our organization make the best choice for our team. I highly recommend ROAR services and I urge you to contact their team if you ever have a meeting or event to plan, no matter how large or small and any location.
Mindy Matullo / Global Events Manager
Caryl is a true visionary who knows how to bring your dreams to reality.
I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Caryl for over 8 years within the hospitality industry. She believes that no two programs should be the same just like no two people are the same. Caryl and I have worked closely together for site selections to contract negotiations. Although Caryl is a tough negotiator, she understands the scope of the hotel industry as well as what contract clauses would be best suited for her client. Her understanding of how much a hotel can flex gives her the ability to negotiate a strong contract for her client and a fair contract for the hotel. I highly recommend Caryl as a trustworthy and loyal partner for both a hotel supplier and a client who needs a grandiose, jaw dropping event.
Michelle Thomas / Area Sales Leader - Western Region
Marriott International
Success Story
When Your Client Doesn't have time for a site visit...what do you do?
We are huge advocates of site visits, really no matter what, they should happen. Sometimes they can’t, we get that, but we really encourage them to happen. Our client is in the midst of planning their largest event of the year and the hotels in Prague and Budapest can’t hold the meeting space forever. She calls saying, I need you to be my eyes and ears and tell us which is the better choice for our group.
Curious What Happened?

This saves our clients time so they can focus on more strategic tasks and not to worry, we are with you every step of the way.