15 Sure-Fire Tips to Help you Engage and Excite your Attendees with Virtual Events
I’m Scott Lyons
managing partner at roar events group
I’m a San Francisco native, born and raised. I’m an engineer, waterskiing lover and Oakland A’s super fan.
I wasn't always in events. My background is engineering in the tech industry and allowed me to work for...
some incredible technology companies over the course of 20+ years. But it wasn’t until I worked for a large trade show company that I really found my true calling. My team was responsible for all of the back end technical logistics for each trade show. Managing all that cable and making sure the internet was working, that was part of my job. I loved working on all the logistics that it took to make a tradeshow run.
I joined ROAR events in 2008, focusing on operations, roadshows and sponsorships.
I’ve overseen multi-city roadshows, large tradeshows and several developer conferences.
I’m also the go-to technical guru in the office and on show site.

You want to know what fires me up?

Sharing my knowledge with planners, companies and hotels
and knowing that my help
made a difference.

Knowing that they were
inspired to grow and succeed.

People ask if I have a signature style. You bet I do. I love design and my style infuses everyday life into events. I call it
elegant simplicity
with a touch of whimsy
because everybody needs to have a little fun.
What We Do
We walk our clients through the event planning and design process to create a successful event.